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Feel more calm, ease and connection at home

When you look around, what do you see?
If you feel burdened by piles, mess and clutter,
I am here to help.

Clear all the Clutter - Calm and Organized living room
It can be overwhelming to manage the clutter in your home and the details in your head. You want to connect with your loved ones but have such little time and energy to give. Clearing the clutter makes room for connection.

My Services

Home Organization

I help you create calm and clutter-free living spaces that support the unique rhythm of you and your family so you feel less overwhelmed.


I provide support and help you discover tools that clear all the clutter out of your head so you can experience more calm and ease.


I teach how to calm your stress, clear out negative thinking, and build a positive mindset through journaling and watercolor painting.

I'm Jill Kane

Certified Organizational Specialist
Clutter Coach and
Therapeutic Art Instructor

I did not grow up “Type A” and organized. I spent over 35 years of my life cluttered, disorganized and procrastinating. I deeply understand the sadness and shame of not being able to order yourself or your stuff.

I also know the success of establishing and maintaining a lifestyle of clearing clutter and creating order and calm for over 6 years and I want you to experience this same freedom.

My unique signature approach combines Professional Organizing and Coaching. I am trained to help you organize your physical space by evaluating your belongings, removing clutter, and creating order by setting up systems.

What sets me apart is my unique ability to strategically evaluate the rhythms of your home and help you to clarify the vision and values that will best support your family.

I am also able to identify the patterns of behavior keeping you stuck and the beliefs that are limiting your ability to successfully implement and maintain systems that remove clutter and create order.

Next Steps

Take the first step to experiencing more calm, ease and connection. I am here to help! 


Free Discovery Call

Get on my calendar for a conversation discussing your wants and needs, the steps to take to meet those needs, and ways that I can best support you on your journey.


Pick your plan

Select the Home Organization or Coaching services that best support the goals you have for yourself and your family.


Feel calmer

Get started working through my signature C.L.E.A.R. approach to experiencing more calm and ease in your home and head.

Kind Words

Read the Journal

Discover tips, tools and resources that can support you on your journey to clear out the clutter from your head and home.